Ugandans in Southern Africa Registering for the National Certificate of Identity, at the Uganda High Commission in Pretoria

All Ugandan citizens in Southern Africa are encouraged to come to the High Commission in Pretoria to apply to register for their National Certificate of Identity.

The process:

  • Get a form at reception at the Chancery, 882 Stanza Bopape Street, Arcadia, in Pretoria;
  • Fill in the form - Confirm that all the information is accurate and up to date (i.e. new ward names and district in Uganda);
  • Submit the form;
  • The High Commission will contact you to come for registration;
  • This registration takes pl;ace every Tuesday.

The requirements:

  • A clear copy of your passport (you can not apply without a passport);
  • LC1 from from an accredited chairman of an association in your region/province ( this letter is to verify that you are a Ugandan).

For any questions regarding the application and registration for Uganda's National Certificate of Identity, contact us at:

Tel: (012) 342-6031/3