At the invitation of Mr. Syd Naidoo, the CEO of CHEM Group SA, the High Commissioner accompanied by Mission officials made an investment/trade promotion visit to CHEM Group of Companies in Durban.

Mr. Naidoo informed the High Commissioner that CHEMGROUP SA is a major conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries with operations in the chemical, lubricants, fuel and detergents industries since 1986. Their team, he said, includes highly qualified Chemical Engineers, Technologists, Researchers and Scientists, Development Managers, Production Planners and skilled staff.

Mr. Naidoo pointed out that their speciality areas include Toll blending, Manufacturing, Blowmoulding & packaging, Petrochemical Storage-Tank farms, Bulk distribution of Jet Fuel, Marine Fuel, Diesel and Race Fuels, Bulk distribution of specialty Chemicals & Solvents. Transport & Logistics, Domestic and Industrial Detergent manufacturing. These specialities operate under seven different companies namely; Hitech Chemicals, Blend Tech, Tron, Jag, 247 Race Fuels, Balena and Convalent.

He also informed that they are already having business engagements with Ethiopia and the companies’ business manager was currently in Burundi to work out modalities of cooperation.

The High Commissioner thanked Mr. Naidoo for the invitation to visit his companies as well as the warm reception they had accorded to her and her delegation.

She observed that CHEM GROUP SA was specialised in areas which could immensely benefit Uganda’s economy as it was at its point take off. She proposed establishment of a mutually beneficial working relationship with the group of Companies, to which the CEO agreed.

The High Commissioner called upon the In-Charge Economic Commercial Diplomacy to briefly update the CEO on the status of both the Oil and car Industry in Uganda.  About the oil industry, the officer informed that in 2006 Uganda oil exploration in the country showed that there were proven crude oil reserves of 6.5 billion barrels, about 2.2 billion of which is recoverable. The strategy, he said, is to build a refinery that meets the petroleum products needs of Uganda and its regional neighbors, with any remaining to be exported. To this effect, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, also known as the Uganda–Tanzania Crude Oil Pipeline, is under construction to transport crude oil from Uganda's oil fields to the Port of Tanga. He appealed to CHEM group to come to Uganda to invest in the nascent oil industry. Regarding car manufacturing, the officer reported that guided by H.E the President a vehicle manufacturing plant under the names Kiira Motors Corporation or KMC has been established to champion the Development of the Domestic Automotive Value Chain for job and wealth creation. While observing that this is the opportune time for CHEM group of Companies to come and establish themselves in Uganda to service the new automotive industry, the officer promised to send more detailed information to the CEO.

The two principal agreed that when the business manager returns from Burundi, he will put up a formal proposal in form of a write-up, for consideration by the High Commissioner.

The CEO took the High Commissioner and her delegation on a guided tour of one of the Companies.

The High Commissioner thanked the CEO for his time and looked forward to deep collaboration with CHEM group of Companies.