Mandatory Consular Registration

 Essential Advice to Ugandans in SADC region

One of the duties of all Uganda’s missions abroad is to protect citizens of Uganda in the countries of accreditation. The recent violent xenophobia refers, with particular reference to citizens of Uganda in South (ern) Africa, namely South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, The Royal Kingdom of Swaziland and The Royal Kingdom of Lesotho.

  1. Ensure that your papers are lawfully in order. i.e, visitors visas, refugee papers, student study visas, work permits, residence permits and citizen IDs. If you are in South (ern) Africa, without the legal papers, you are breaking the laws of the country. You may be deported or charged for staying in the country illegally.
  2.  If no. 1 is in order, you are advised to apply for new passports for your children from the Embassy.
  3. Ensure that you register with the Embassy of Uganda, as required by the Laws of Uganda. On page 48 of your Ugandan passport, you are expected to register at the nearest Ugandan mission or consulate. Download the Consular registration form, fill it in and email it to the embassy or consulate. Simple. Down load the consular registration form from here. 
  4. For one reason or another, if you are unable to legalise your stay in South (ern) Africa, you may need to make an about turn and go back home. East West North and South, home is best. If your passport has expired, apply for a one way emergency travel certificate from the Embassy. For children, ensure that there is an abridged birth certificate for us to consider giving the child an emergency travel certificate.