On 26th March 2021 the High Commissioner led a team of technical officers to meet with and offer Consular Services to the Diaspora Ugandans living in and around Kwazulu Natal (KZN).

The High Commissioner and her team were welcomed to KZN – Durban by Mr. Ssali Mande the Chairman of Ugandan Voices in Durban. 

In his remarks, the Chairman greatly appreciated the High Commissioner’s thoughtful decision of bringing services near to the people by carrying her technical staff down to Durban to offer services to Ugandans living there.

The Technical officers were called upon to each briefly address the gathering.

The Immigration Attaché updated the audience on the process of passport renewal, emphasising the need to have all the required documents when one is applying to renew or get a new passport (for first time applicants). She also explained about what is required when applying for a certificate of Identity (Go Home).

The Head of Diaspora appealed to the Ugandans present not to forget their beloved home – Uganda. She passionately begged them to always invest at home. She took them through some of the incentives offered to Diaspora Ugandans who invest back home.

The Head Consular explained about the processes and requirements for one’s data to be captured for issuance of a National Identity Card. He also took them through the importance of having a National ID, pointing out that without one, it is next to impossible to operate back home.

The High Commissioner thanked the Ugandans for being good visitors; she informed them that in the meeting she had just had with the councillor of the area where the meeting was taking place, she had been briefed that Ugandans, unlike other Foreign Communities, were well behaved.

She took opportunity to thank the leadership of the Ugandan community in KZN for the work they do, especially when they mobilise and organise Ugandans when they have problems like sickness and sometimes death. She urged Ugandans to remain good “Ambassadors” wherever they stay and to heed the messages from the technical officers most especially the one about investing at home.

The High Commissioner further informed the Ugandans that she found it pertinent to bring services nearer to them after finding out that it is a bit hard for some of them to travel down to Pretoria to access these services.

In conclusion, she told the audience that the team was going to stay in Durban for two days capturing their data for issuance of National Identity Cards as well receiving applications for those who wish to renew, replace the lost, damaged or acquire new passports for their children.

A question and answer session followed which was mainly about elaborating on the requirements for passport renewal and National ID applications.

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